Services and information for mature age job seekers

  • Adage: job board and online community for experienced workers aged 45+
  • Experience+: Australian Government initiative to support mature-age people to participate in the workforce. Mature-age workers and job seekers can get help to look for work including access to free career advice.
  • Older workers: on-line noticeboard advertising jobs specifically for older workers.
  • Willing Older Workers (W.O.W.): not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne that provides emotional and social support for mature age workers who are unemployed

Research and resources on work and ageing

  • Australian Law Reform Commission Age Barriers to Work: an inquiry established in February 2012 to investigate the legal barriers to mature age persons participating in the workforce 
  • Productive Ageing Centre: established by National Seniors Australia to advance knowledge and understanding into all aspects of productive ageing to improve the quality of life of people aged 50 and over.